Adele was criticized for playing an offensive comedy about African men

Adele was criticized for playing an offensive comedy about African men

The female singer was reacted when appearing in a comedy that despised men of color, saying that Africa is the number one destination for sexual activity.

After being praised for her slim face, sexy body after weight loss, Adele was criticized for her lack of sophistication on the show Saturday Night Live (SNL), according to CNN.

In this piece, the singer Rolling in the Deep and two actors Kate McKinnon, Heidi Gardner transformed into a divorced woman, went to Africa to find men.

While the actors talked, behind appeared black young men in revealing clothing and elderly women on the beach. The trio of actors were criticized for calling Africa “the number one destination for divorced women”, accompanied by vulgar and erotic comparisons.

SNL’s program was immediately met with controversy. There are many opinions that actors are racist, viewing men of color as only sexual objects. According to CNN, the skits took place at the wrong time, especially the tense wave of protests in Nigeria.

“The skits are indecent, indecent. People in Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa and the Congo are fighting for their lives. It’s embarrassing to turn this place into a sexual destination for white women.” R&B Vibe R&B journalist Shenequa Golding writes on his personal page.

Dometi Pongo, MTV’s MC, said that SNL is not skillful in making skits: “If you want to reflect this, you have to do it more skillfully and respectfully, not the way Adele and the actors did.”

The actors’ constant laughing attitude is said to be disrespectful to the matter of subtlety. CNN said Adele declined to comment. They continued to contact NBC Universal to receive feedback on this issue.

On August 31, Adele encountered a similar controversy, having mixed opinions when wearing a swimsuit printed with the Jamaican flag pattern. Many Africans believe that female singers occupy black culture and do not respect their national flag.

“Adele wants to take over culture. She’s a white woman who likes to cause trouble. I hate to see this image,” said Enest Owens, a journalist and CEO of media company Ernest Media Empire, commenting on Adele’s photo.