Cardi B reunites Offset after a month’s parting

The singer “I Like It” remembers the romantic feeling of being with the Offset, so she agrees to give her ex-husband the chance to correct the mistake.

On October 15, Cardi B said she missed her ex-husband after filing for divorce a month ago.

Cardi B calls Offset “is the best friend” and remembers the romantic feeling of being together. So they decided to reunite. The news did not surprise fans because the rapper pair broke up and mended many times.

At the monumental birthday party on October 11, Cardi B was given a Rolls-Royce as a redemption gift by singer Rap Saved Me. The female rapper then burst into tears with emotion and brought her 2-year-old daughter Kulture to the passenger seat of the car. “Happy birthday, mom. Love you, daughter Kulture”, Offset on behalf of her daughter.

At the party, Cardi B and his wife danced enthusiastically together. The male rapper also called the other half is “my girl”.

In mid-September, Cardi B filed for Offset divorce after three years of marriage. The reason is that Offset often lies, has a blatant habit. Cardi B wants to take full control of her daughter.

“Thank you for always worrying about me. I want to confirm to everyone that I’m fine. I don’t need this marriage right now. I have not shed any tears after filing for divorce,” the singer said. Doctor confided.

Meanwhile, on social networks, Offset posted a series of tweets begging his wife to come back. He also said that can’t live without Cardi B.

Cardi B and Offset got married secretly in September 2017. After returning home, the 29-year-old male rapper often caught adultery, revealing sensitive videos with strange girls.

The singer repeatedly forgave her husband after being apologized. In an interview with Elle, Cardi B claimed to be regularly advised to stop by friends, and was criticized by fans for returning to Offset, who repeatedly betrayed her.