Madonna canceled the show because of Covid-19

Madonna canceled the show because of Covid-19

Singer Madonna announced the cancellation of shows in Paris because the government banned the event of gathering more than 1,000 people, just in case Covid-19.

According to USA Today, the 61-year-old singer said: “The last two shows on the Madame X tour in Paris on March 10 and 11 were canceled. The audience will get a refund at the ticket sales. I’m sorry I didn’t get it. meet you”.

As of March 10, France has 1,420 nCoV-positive people, of which 30 have died – becoming the second largest epidemic in Europe after Italy (9,172 cases).

The “queen of pop” world tour, promoting the 14th album Madame X, starts in mid-September 2019 and is expected to end in mid-March in Paris. During the journey, Madonna had to cancel 14 music nights for health. Earlier this month, Madonna canceled a number of concerts in France due to injuries from an accident on the stage. A dancer accidentally pulled Madonna’s chair and she fell and landed on the tailbone. She was also sued by some fans in Brooklyn (USA) for refunds for coming to the show two hours late last October.

Besides Madonna, many American artists are forced to cancel acting due to the epidemic. On 9/3, rock band Pearl Jam announced the delay of tour around North America. The US currently records 708 infections and 27 deaths due to the disease, of which 19 are from Washington. At least eight US states must declare a state of emergency in response to the outbreak of Covid-19, including Washington, Florida, California, California, New York …

Miley Cyrus canceled a charity concert for Australia’s wildfires on March 13. She said she was disappointed because Covid-19 affected the show. The singer once lost a mansion in Malibu (USA) because of a forest fire and said she understood the loss of the Australians. Canadian singer Neil Young stopped his Crazy Horse tour in North America to ensure the safety of the audience.

History of Coachella Music Festival

Music lovers around the world know of Coachella, as it now one of the biggest, if not the biggest, music festivals in the world. However, people may not be aware of the origins of it. Coachella is actually located in a desolate area in Indio, California, in the Colorado Desert. The festival is now over two weeks long and not only do the biggest music acts perform there, but tons of celebrities, as well as the throng of music lovers, that flock there every year.

Did Pearl Jam Help Create Coachella?

Coachella was the brainchild of Paul Tollett back in 1999, and the festival is organized by Goldenvoice. There are many different types of styles of music that can be seen at the desert festival from hip-hop to electronic music to punk rock and pop rock. There are also many artists that come to the festival to display their creations. While Tollet brought the current festival to being a huge event the origins may go back a few years earlier. In 1993 Pearl Jam played a concert at the Empire Polo Club, as they sought a venue that was not controlled by Ticketmaster and their very high processing fees, which they would profit for on every ticket sold. When the Pearl Jam concert was a rousing success, it showed that even in a far-off location if the music was good the people would come.

It is interesting that the first Coachella music festival in 1999 was just a few shorts months after the much-hyped 99 Woodstock festival, which was, pretty much a bust. The 1999 Coachella music festival only lasted two days, and while it was a moderate success, there was no festival the following year. However, in 2001 it returned, but it only lasted one day. However, with the great music and the crowds, the festival began to take shape. The following year in 2002 the two-day format returned, and in 2007 it was turned into a three-day event. The musicians want to come perform, and the fans wanted to see them. In 2012, the Coachella festival expanded to two weekends, and there are now identical lineups for three straight three-day weekends in the current format.

A New City

After the popularity of the Coachella increased, big time there was a lack of hotel accommodations, and because of this, the campgrounds in the area were the place that people stayed. Now Coachella is a type of pop-up city when it happens, and it is a three-week music party with the best performing artists on the planet today. The location just adds to the fervor of the festival being off the beaten path and ticket sales increase every single year even though ticket buyers do not know the lineup until near the festival. The popularity of the Coachella music festival just keeps getting bigger, and it looks to be here to stay. Pearl Jam may have sparked a great idea that no matter where good music is people will come.