Kevin Walker: The Path from a Pop Star to A Soccer Player

Who is Kevin Walker? He is the winner of the Swedish Idol competition and the starting midfielder for the Djurgarden team in the highest ranking tournament in the country.

Walker said in a recent interview that music has always been his inspiration, even though he has been a professional player for some time. Walker spoke in a very heavy Irish accent because his father was Pat Walker. He was a former Gillingham player and Ireland U21 player who played in Scandinavia in 1983 and stayed there. After that, he has coached for 6 different clubs in Sweden and Norway for over 20 years.

He married a Swede and that helped Kevin and his brother Robert, also a player who could speak Swedish like a native. Having father is a coach with a Pro License, the highest degree of UEFA, it can explain the football part in Walker’s life. However, music is a completely different story with inspiration from Julio Iglesias. It is the most popular Latin singer in history and the owner of a private airport in the Caribbean.

But before that, Julio was a law student who took golf for Real Madrid’s B team until a car accident prevented him from traveling for 2 years. After leaving the hospital, a nurse gave Julio a guitar to kill time. The rest of his life belongs to contemporary music history.

Walker’s story is that he was diagnosed with sepsis while he was with the Swedish U21 team in Belgium in 2009. The evil disease caused Walker to stop playing football for an entire season, and switched to playing guitar.

At first he was reluctant to perform for a local casino, but Walker sang so well that people recorded and sent it to 2013 Swedish Idol organizers. They were like catching gold, especially when the new character There is a very interesting story and already has quite a number of fans.