The Sun apologizes for reporting Chris Brown secretly visiting Adele at night

“The only time we met Adele and Chris Brown was at the Grammy Awards a few years ago. We sincerely apologize”, wrote The Sun.

The Sun publishes an apology for giving false information about the story between Adele and Chris Brown. The source once confirmed that the 31-year-old male singer visited her sisters late at night in London (UK) and left at 2am.

The publication reads: “On October 11 and 12, we posted Chris Brown met Adele in London. But in fact, she only met Brown once at the Grammy Awards a few years ago. We admit. received inaccurate posts and violated Adele’s privacy. We apologized to her”.

Back at the 2013 Grammy, the fact that Chris Brown did not applaud Frank Ocean’s victory despite the audience standing up caught Adele’s eyes. Witnessing that moment, the English cartoonist criticized Brown in front of everyone. She then dragged Ocean and Brown into a photo shoot.

In addition to publicly apologizing, The Sun also had to compensate Hello vocalist a large amount. Fans joked that Adele didn’t make music, didn’t release albums, but money kept coming.

Before that, when the newspaper published the article, Adele took action because this was an unfounded rumor. The Sun immediately deleted the song, but the female singer took all the evidence in time.

In 2020, Adele is welcomed by the media thanks to a spectacular 45 kg journey. Relatives of the female singer told that the breakdown from her marriage to Simon Konecki made the singer motivated to change herself.

“In order to become the best version of herself and healthy enough to take care of her son Angelo, Adele self-changes, pursues a scientific lifestyle. The female singer is satisfied with her current physique. She is healthy, Willing to release the album and re-export with long-term tours “, Daily Mail said.